Heart Rate Variability

The measurement of Heart rate Variability (HRV) is an important aspect of stress measurement and prevention.
When a person is subject to high levels of stress, it is possible that their ability to deal with it becomes compromised.
In this case the normal interaction between the sympathetic and para sympathetic systems may be affected and the HRV may reduce.
Detecting this change can be very effective in intervention treatments and diagnostics.
MA Systems have developed unobtrusive sensors, worn as a simple necklace, that implement all the heart rate detection and HRV calculations.


The Human Heart Beat waveform is well known and is named the PQRST waveform. To detect the HRV one has to detect the interval length between the QRS and following QRS peaks and calculate the time domain and frequency doamin characteristics.

ECG Sensor

The ECG sensor includes all the necessary electronics signal conditioning, CPU processing, memory and RF Stages to perform as a wireless SMART sensor. The device can store 24 hours recording of HRV calculations.

Packaging / Charging

As the sensor may be worn for 24 to 48 hours at a time, the device is encased in a resin similar to that used in fashion jewelery. Hermetically sealed it is fully waterproof. A non contact charging is used avoiding the need to plug in a charging unit. The device fully recharges in 3 hours.

Heart rate Bio-Feedback

It is quite common to spend large parts of our day in a stressed state. In this state we breathe using small quick breaths, as you would if being hunted.
By using Heart rate biofeedback one can exercise the ability to achieve respiratory and heart rate resonance using biofeedback.
MA Systems has a simple but powerful HR Biofeedback system under test. Users very easily and effectively learn how to relax and achieve strong Heart rate variability under their own control during times of stress.