Monitoring the activity of a person may allow us to study their behaviour. Small sensors have been developed to be worn as an ankle bracelet, a patch, or clipped on the persons shoe. The sensor studies the motion of the leg which has a very distinctive pattern relating to the type of activity. The sensor can classify the ambulatory activity of the person and record when the person was walking, running, stairs, cycling, dancing, sports and other similar distinguishable activities.

Sensor Unit

The bare board PCB may be seen here. The connector is for flashing the device with its original software. Following which the connector is snapped off. The device is then encased in resin. The non contact inductive loop may be seen. This approach means the device is 100% hermetically sealed and may be used for swimming applications.

Activity Sensor

The ACT activity sensor is housed in an extremely hard resin making it 100% waterproof and rugged. The device is charged using a non contact charging station.