MA Systems have developed a unique EEG sensor for use in life style management. the sensor operates in one of three modes. 1) The sensor can record raw EEG data at varying sampling rates for up to 30 minutes, and then forward the data wirelessly to a PC. This is ideal for quick recordings of subjects brain waves during a psychological evaluation. 2) The sensor can compute the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta power bands and record the results over a 48 hour period. This is useful for example in sleep research. 3) The sensor can compute the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta power bands and stream it live wirelessly to a PC or iPhone for neurofeedback training. The sensor is light weight robust and very low cost, yet its accuracy is equivalent to products 50 times the price.

EEG performance

When compared to the Nexus 4 EEG sensor an independent test concluded that the MA Systems sensor is as appropriate for many research purposes due to its simplicity of use, low cost and equivalent performance.

EEG Neurofeedback

The MA Systems EEG sensor may be used for Alpha over Beta Neurofeedback training.
Such a system is under evaluation using two approaches.
1) Soundscape feedback
In Soundscape Feedback the user closes their eyes and hears the sound of running water and white noise played in a relaxing manner. As the A/B ratio rises the sound volume increases.
2) Dim visual feedback
Since A/B training is normally done eyes closed, the display is of little use. however in these trials very low light displays are being used to show relaxing colour and fractal change. The aim is to find a pwerful and simple way to achieve high Alpha levels.