The Bioring is an advanced health monitor ideal for senior users and those with specific identified ailments such as diabetes.

It measures heart rate and heart rate variability and can measure ECG waveforms without any need for chest electrodes. It studies the capillary blood flow around the finger and can determine hydration levels, cardio-vascular tone, O2 levels and blood pressure.

It also monitors Galvanic Skin response and near skin temperature.

Using the internal accelerometer it has been used to measure daily physical activity and together with heart rate can make estimates of night time sleep quality.

It has been used as a location monitoring device tracking patients on a room to room basis.

Given the many physiological measures, it can be used to measure the signs of stress for example stress associated with high pressure work roles.

It can store up to 64MBytes of feature or raw data and has a Low energy Bluetooth 4.1 communication capability.