ePADS are throw-away electronic wearable devices that measure a specific physiological factor important for the health of a patient.


We have designed a range of ePADs with the ability to communicate and energy harvest using Near Field Communications. This means power and data can be transferred WITHOUT PHYSICAL CONTACT between the pad and an NFC enabled smart phone or tablet. NFC is now available on most recent model SAMSUNG similar brand devices.

So far we have designed Temperature Sensors, Heart Beat signal analysis and Oxygenation and Blood pressure ePads. These ePADS which can be worn on the forehead (Temperature, Oxygenation)chest (ECG) or legs (Diabetes) for extended periods. This means regular non contact health measures can be taken without patients coming in contact with hospital staff or equipment (MRSA sterile, virulent Virus free ).

We are now working on ePads for measuring sugar levels in the blood and dehydration.